Commodity Trading

We have significant legal experience and expertise in all legal aspects of commodities trading, helping clients to structure transactions in order to maximise their commercial trading opportunities.

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Commodity Finance

The commodity finance market demands bespoke financing solutions and innovate structures. We have been involved in the development of these financing structures for decades working at and with many of the large commodity finance banks.

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Commodity trading transactions and the shipping industry have an unbreakable nexus. Our lawyers understand the challenges and risks inherent in the shipping industry, and also how commodities transactions and disputes play out.

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Regulatory & Sanctions

Navigating the complex web of sanctions and regulatory regimes as these apply to cross-border commodities trading activities is complex. We frequently advise on how best to review, analyse and comply with applicable regulatory and sanctions laws.

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Disputes & Arbitration

Our extensive experience in relation to commodity and shipping disputes is invaluable. Our lawyers are long experienced in protecting a client’s position and/or in how to crystallise a dispute in a manner which is most favourable to their best interests.

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The firm provides corporate legal advice to clients in setting up new or expanding their existing businesses in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific. 

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Mercatis Law - the specialist commodities law firm