Marcus is a Barrister, admitted to practice in England & Wales, based in London, with Mercatis Law Asia LLP. He has over 30 years legal, regulatory and corporate governance experience in the energy and commodities sector. He has held senior legal and regulatory positions at upstream oil and gas exploration and production companies, trading houses, investment banks, commodity exchanges and electricity generation companies.

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Transactional & Advisory

As a former in-house counsel and a company secretary, Marcus is ideally positioned to provide dependable, timely, clear and pragmatic advice on legal, regulatory and corporate governance matters arising out of the ownership, supply and trading of commodities, energy and related assets.

Advice provided is timely, outcomes focused and founded on principles of objectivity and pragmatism to meet the needs of the business. A skill honed after spending many years on commodity and energy trading floors, where prompt and clear advice is demanded in a timely manner.

He advises clients on a wide range of commodity and energy matters spanning, joint ventures, production sharing, transportation and storage, offtake agreements, trading (physical and financial) regulatory and compliance, including sanctions considerations.

Career Background

  • EP UK Investments Ltd, London
  • Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd, London
  • CME Group, London
  • Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, London
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, London & New York
  • UBS, Houston
  • Enron North America Corp, Houston
  • Amerada Hess Limited, London
  • British Borneo Oil & Gas PLC, London
  • British Gas plc, London

Notable Matters

  • Advised on one of first short term gas supply agreements, breaking the existing monopoly on gas supply in the UK.
  • Advised on the offshore development of oil and gas field which when came onstream was producing circa 10% of all oil being produced from the UKCS.
  • Advised on the allocation agreements which enabled the integration of two gas processing terminals in the UK.
  • Advised on offshore transportation and oil storage agreements at major terminals and refinery facilities in the UK.
  • Advised on capacity and other key contractual terms for use of major offshore gas pipeline in the UK.
  • Advised on the acquisition of a capacity interest in the first UK/EU gas Interconnector.
  • Advised on and defended claims from an offshore gas storage facility alleging injected gas formed part of neighbouring gas reservoir.
  • Advised on the merger of two publicly listed exploration and production companies in the UK, with international interests.
  • Advised on operation of pre-emption rights in joint operating agreement which enabled successful acquisition of North Sea oil and gas properties to proceed.
  • Advised on oil sales agreement to a Government to be at international market price, rather than subsidised domestic price.
  • Advise on long-term gas contract to government owned utility in Thailand.
  • Advised on sale of interest in one of largest gas and gas condensate fields in the UKCS.
  • Advised on the structuring and financing of major oil and gas field development in the UKCS.
  • Advised on power plant tolling agreement in the United States for one of largest energy and commodity corporations.
  • Put in place energy and commodity trading documentation to enable a major investment bank to commence trading energy and commodity trading.
  • Advised on anti-trust litigation following the privatisation of a state-owned monopoly gas supplier.
  • Advised generator on the establishment of an internet-based platform to match suppliers with customers.
  • Advised on the acquisition of five power stations in the UK.
  • Advised on the re-structuring of a material gas supply agreement to the European Union.
  • Advised on emissions trading “carousel” fraud and recovered monies from the exchange which facilitated the sale.
  • Advised on payment structure to ensure deliveries of oil and payment complied with relevant sanctions regimes.
  • Advised on take-or-pay litigation strategy involving capacity in a major gas pipeline bringing gas into the UK.
  • Advised on the establishment of an LNG trading desk for a one of the largest European power generators.


Professional Admissions and Memberships
  • Barrister, England & Wales (Middle Temple)
  • Member of the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists
  • Registered Foreign Lawyer, Singapore