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Mercatis Law is delighted to announce that Belinda Ellington has joined us as a consultant solicitor!


The one-stop boutique  commodities law firm

Founded in 2017, our firm has grown to become the go-to boutique law firm for the provision of specialist legal services to the commodities sector.

We believe that the commodities sector needs legal support and advice in a more efficient, commercial and pragmatic manner than that currently offered by traditional law firms. We offer a new and better alternative.

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A fresh approach to legal services delivery reflecting the needs of modern business

  • Low cost base

    We maintain a relatively low cost base so that we can offer partner level experienced lawyers at highly competitive rates.

  • Compensation Structure

    We have implemented a compensation structure that ties how our lawyers get paid to the commercial outcome of each matter, aligning their success to that of our clients.

  • Fees

    We have greater flexibility to provide charging arrangements which suit each client and avoid any surprises in our invoices. We do this either by agreeing our fees up front or by regular fee updates in a manner we have found difficult to achieve in larger firms.

  • Legal Technology

    We make better use of technology to create efficiencies in the delivery of our services.

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Belinda Ellington joins as a consultant solicitor

Mercatis Law is delighted to announce that Belinda Ellington has joined us as a consultant solicitor, based at our London office.  Belinda is a senior legal professional with more than 20 years’ experience in law, regulation, and negotiation relating to Finance across Global Commodities’ Markets and ESG. Belinda recently left Citi after 10 years, where she […]

An Introductory Guide for New Market Participants in Trading of Carbon Credits and Offsets

This article gives an outline of the compliance and voluntary carbon markets, the differences between carbon credits and offsets, developments in the exchange-traded markets, as well as recent market initiatives. Its aim to provide a helpful introduction for in house lawyers, compliance professionals and other relevant functions who may be new to these markets.

Is It time to Include Carbon Emissions Reduction and Sustainability Obligations in Commodities and Energy Contracts?

Many energy companies and commodity producers, shippers and traders have made pledges to reduce carbon emissions and operate more sustainably.
In this article we consider some of the contractual tools that may be used to assist companies in meeting their carbon emissions reduction and sustainability targets.