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The one-stop boutique  commodities law firm

Founded in 2017, our firm has grown to become the go-to boutique law firm for the provision of specialist legal services to the commodities sector.

We believe that the commodities sector needs legal support and advice in a more efficient, commercial and pragmatic manner than that currently offered by traditional law firms. We offer a new and better alternative.

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A fresh approach to legal services delivery reflecting the needs of modern business

  • Low cost base

    We maintain a relatively low cost base so that we can offer partner level experienced lawyers at highly competitive rates.

  • Compensation Structure

    We have implemented a compensation structure that ties how our lawyers get paid to the commercial outcome of each matter, aligning their success to that of our clients.

  • Fees

    We have greater flexibility to provide charging arrangements which suit each client and avoid any surprises in our invoices. We do this either by agreeing our fees up front or by regular fee updates in a manner we have found difficult to achieve in larger firms.

  • Legal Technology

    We make better use of technology to create efficiencies in the delivery of our services.

Thought leadership from Mercatis Law

Our latest insights

Stephen Bird joins Mercatis Law as a Consultant Solicitor

We are very pleased to announce that Stephen Bird, formerly General Counsel of Total’s European gas and power business, has joined Mercatis Law as a Consultant Solicitor.

Long Term LNG Supply and Purchase Agreements: Contractual Mitigants for a Challenging Market

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the recent oil price shocks are compounding the issues arising from an already oversupplied LNG market, providing for additional challenges to LNG traders globally. In this client alert we will identify the most common clauses typically found in SPAs to help mitigate challenging market conditions.

Smart Contracts – Some Degree of Predictability under English Law

In August 2019, we published a Client Alert entitled “Smart Contracts in the Physical Commodity Markets”. This new Client Alert covers recent developments concerning the treatment of smart contracts under English law.