The commodity markets are subject to complex and pervasive regulatory rules. Market participants are also subject to a convoluted web of sanctions regimes.

Market Regulation

Regulators and policymakers have increased the regulation of commodity derivatives trading in particular, which capture the spectrum of market participants. Many of the regulations have cross-border impact, are complex and it is increasingly difficult to stay abreast of the requirements and to implement effective compliance structures.

Regulators have increased their enforcement powers and have demonstrated their appetite to use these powers. It is essential for clients to understand how these regulations affect their commodity trading activities.


Navigating the complex web of sanctions regimes, in particular those that apply to cross-border commodities trading activities, is complex.  Primary and secondary sanctions work in different ways and it is essential for clients to understand how the sanctions regimes work and how these apply in specific situations.

Our clients all face similar challenges and we frequently advise on how best to review and analyse the applicable sanctions rules. We are able to translate these rules into compliance procedures [text removed} to help you maximise your commercial trading opportunities.

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